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FCAHPT Ibadan, Animal Science For Productivity

The Library of Federal College of Animal Health and Production Technology, Moor Plantation, Ibadan is one of the units in the College.  The College management discovered that a need to have its own library to meet the needs of the highly increasing student populace.  The FCAHPT College library was the answer to those needs. It was established to enlarge the academic scope of the college by meeting the needs of both the staff & students of the College.

The library acquires textbooks, journals, daily and weekly newspapers, magazines and other reference materials.  This is in addition to annual and monthly reports, new bulletins of many organizations, which are sent to the library.  Other services provided in the library includes photocopying, current awareness services, book loan, inter-library loan and bibliographic compilation services.  On the internet/Electronic mail services is also high.  Effort are also in top gear to start a bindery.

The opening periods of the library are as stated below:
During Academic Session Monday to Friday 8.00am � 4.00pm
1.  Registration is renewed annually by the completion of the appropriate registration forms
2.  All users of the library should have their College Identification Card
3.  No person may use any part of the library unless is duly registered and have undergone     
     Library Orientation

1.  All readers must enter and leave the library by the main security door.
2.  Silence must be observed in the library.
3.  Smoking, Drinking, Eating are forbidden in the library.
4.  Orderly conduct must be observed at all times in the library.
5.  Seats should not be reserved in the library.
6.  Materials left behind at closing time shall be removed by library staff and the library will
not accept any responsibility for any such materials.
7.  Laboratory coat, Umbrella, Radios, Bags, (except ladies small wallets) etc must be left
with the security at the entrance
8.  Users must submit their books and papers for inspection when leaving the library.
9.  All library materials must be treated with care.  Any damage to property or loss of library   
materials should be reported at once.  The College Librarian may request the reader to pay
for the replacement of any such material(s) or property.
10. The College Librarian shall suspend from the use of the Library any person who infringes
on any of the Library regulations.

Application for permission to use the library should be made in the first instance to the readers' adviser.  The following categories of people are normally eligible to use the library for reading and reference.
1.    Registered students of the College
2.    Members of the Academic Staff, Senior members of the Administrative and technical staff and their spouses
3.    Members of the Governing Council of the College
4.    Staff Children/Wards
The following may use the library for reference purpose only:
1.    Graduates of the College
2.    Professionals in relevant Discipline
3.    Visiting Researchers
4.    Certified students of other institutions of higher learning
5.    Persons granted permission special circumstances

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Latest News
25 May 2020

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